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Startup Success and Acquisition for a Mortgage Lender

Company Overview
A startup seeking to establish itself within the competitive mortgage lending industry.
The Challenge

Launching a mortgage company is complex. We needed guidance on regulations, scaling quickly, and standing out in a crowded marketplace

The Partnership

 ParadigmNEXT played a pivotal role from the companys’ earliest stages, providing ongoing support through their successful acquisition.

Key Results

Making a difference

Navigating Launch:
ParadigmNEXT ensured regulatory compliance and assisted with initial office setup, laying a strong foundation for operations.
Scaling Success:
A multifaceted recruiting drive fueled a 300% sales team expansion in the first year, driving rapid revenue growth.
Realtor-Centric Strategy:
ParadigmNEXT developed a robust real estate agent outreach program, including events, podcasts, and PR initiatives, establishing the company as a preferred partner.
Technology & Operations:
Identification and implementation of key technologies streamlined loan processing, reducing costs and improving the borrower experience.
Partnership Network:
ParadigmNEXT fostered relationships with local associations and referral partners, widening the pipeline of potential leads.
The Impact

ParadigmNEXT didn't just solve problems

ParadigmNEXT’s support propelled our growth trajectory. Their expertise in regulations, operations, and marketing helped us become a formidable player, ultimately attracting a successful acquisition by Movement Mortgage

The Impact
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