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From Stagnation to Market Leader: A Strategic Growth Journey

Company Overview
A leading provider of connected solutions within the hospitality and multi-family industries.
The Challenge

For 20 years, we were seen as part of the association, not our own entity. Our marketing relied solely on them, leaving us vulnerable

The Partnership

 Recognizing the need for a strategic shift, the company engaged ParadigmNEXT. “They pinpointed the branding issue right away. We needed to stand on our own to truly unlock growth,”

Key Results

Making a difference

Brand Transformation:
ParadigmNEXT guided a comprehensive rebrand, establishing the company as the go-to expert in their niche, independent of the association.
Streamlined Delivery:
New processes and a revamped website simplified how the company worked with clients. This streamlined their service, delivering a better customer experience.
Channel and Direct Marketing Success:
A robust marketing plan targeted their association channels AND direct-to-builder campaigns, maximizing reach and lead generation.
Partner Engagement:
ParadigmNEXT's outreach to key manufacturers created synergy, resulting in joint marketing initiatives and powerful case studies reinforcing the companys' value proposition.
Record-Breaking Growth:
The results speak for themselves: the company has consistently achieved record-setting quarters, even during economic downturns affecting the construction industry.
The Impact

ParadigmNEXT didn't just solve problems

ParadigmNEXT didn’t just tweak our approach; they transformed our entire business model. We now own our brand, have expanded our reach, and built a reputation for results. They’ve been essential to our success,”

The Impact
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