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From Stagnation to Market Leader: A Strategic Growth Journey

Company Overview
A leading provider of connected solutions within the hospitality and multi-family industries.
The Challenge

We were working hard, but felt stagnant. Our growth wasn’t matching our potential, cash flow was often tight, and our service department was a constant drain on resources.

The Partnership
Beginning as a simple marketing engagement, the relationship with ParadigmNEXT quickly evolved.

They saw the big picture where we couldn’t. Our brand wasn’t reflecting our growth, our target markets were scattered, and we had hidden profit centers.

Key Results

Making a difference

Brand Transformation:
A comprehensive rebrand propelled the company forward with a new name, website, and messaging aligned with their expertise.
Profit Center Powerhouse:
The once-struggling service department was transformed into a $1.2M+ recurring revenue stream through streamlined processes, customer packages, and AI-powered billing.
Operational Excellence:
A ground-up operations overhaul delivered ongoing improvements, streamlining processes and freeing up leadership to focus on strategic growth.
Market Dominance:
ParadigmNEXT's market analysis helped the company focus on hospitality as their key growth driver, leading to nationwide expansion and partnerships with major hotel and restaurant groups.
Funding for Growth:
Understanding the cash flow challenges of larger projects, ParadigmNEXT leveraged their network to secure a line of credit, ensuring the company could capitalize on opportunities.
Crisis Averted:
Employee turnover created instability, but ParadigmNEXT's intervention with communication strategies, employee events, and compensation updates rebuilt trust, loyalty, and company culture.
The Impact

ParadigmNEXT didn't just solve problems

They seized opportunities we didn’t even know existed. In five years, we grew from $4M to $7.5M+, our business runs smoother, and we’re laser-focused on the future. They’ve been essential to our success.

The Impact
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