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Multi-Faceted Growth for a Diverse Holding Company

Company Overview
A holding company with businesses spanning multiple industries, including transportation, rentals, manufacturing, and commercial development, with an international presence.
The Challenge

We needed a partner who could not only elevate individual brands, but optimize operations across our diverse portfolio and facilitate new launches

The Partnership

Beginning with a focused brand identity project for one of the companys’ divisions, ParadigmNEXT quickly demonstrated their broader value, leading to ongoing collaboration across multiple business units.

Key Results

Making a difference

Logistics Transformation:
ParadigmNEXT revamped the the divisions brand, supported recruiting, elevated their PR profile, set up sales tools, and guided the successful launch of their brokerage division.
Global Impact:
Collaborated with teams in the US, South America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East, tailoring solutions to regional needs.
Portfolio-Wide Success:
ParadigmNEXT's work extended beyond logistics, aiding a truck dealership, yacht rental company, jet charter service, ammunition manufacturer, commercial development projects, even a movie production firm.
The Impact

ParadigmNEXT didn't just solve problems

ParadigmNEXT’s versatility is unique. They dive deep into different industries, find the growth levers, and execute. They’ve become an integral part of our success across our entire portfolio

The Impact
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