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29 Jul 2016

3 step process to

ParadigmNEXT recently hosted a webinar on BigMarker with Mitch Greenwald. Mitch’s featured webinar, “The Cloud: Increase Team Collaboration While Streamlining Your Marketing, Sales and Accounting Processes”, was about the three stages of transitioning one’s business into the cloud. From being in technology leadership shoes to starting a company of his own, Mitch provided first-hand specific information and solutions to each of these cloud migration stages. Check out a recording of the webinar here, or watch past webinars here.

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Mitch Greenwald is a renowned industry thought-leader, founder of Cloudbakers, and former CIO of a $400M Human Resource Outsourcing company. He has been doing IT solutions for 35 years and cloud solutions for 7. Before 2010, when he was CIO of a $400M company, he was given the ultimate task to do more with less. He researched, experimented and implemented numerous cloud solutions. Over the years he realized there is a successful pattern for migrating companies to the cloud; in the end it comes down to a 3 step process. As he likes to say, “he jumped off a cliff and landed on a cloud”.

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